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We are a Danish customer service center with customers throughout Scandinavia

Who is Connexio?

Connexio is a Danish communications company originally established in 1975 under the name McPhone Telemarketing. The company's sister company, TMPOprovides telemarketing services in the form of fundraising, meeting booking and sales outreach activities. The inbound and outbound service activities were separated into separate brands in 2017 to ensure the necessary focus on each business leg, but legally the companies remain together.


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Our service

Helpie FAQ
  • Phone number


    We answer phone inquiries about everything from buying musical instruments to canceling memberships or IT support in handling financial software programs.

  • Email

    We respond to emails about delivery delays, upward and downward adjustments to subsidy amounts, changes in billing information or explanation of tax matters.

  • Trustpilot

    We respond Trustpilot reviews and optimize Trustpilot ratings.

  • Knowledge base

    We build knowledge bases with answers to questions that can be used online on websites or internally in the customer center.

Helpie FAQ
  • Live chat

    We chat with customers about the size of t-shirts, the color of posters or what their charitable donations are actually spent on.

  • Satisfaction measurement

    We measure satisfaction with NPS toolsand influence it with loyalty calls.

  • Conversion service

    We provide call answering services and take messages if you are not available when your customers try to contact you.

  • Receptionist functions

    We can also act as your receptionist, taking messages, forwarding calls or answering simple questions that can free up your time for other tasks.

What do our customers think?

"I have been pleasantly surprised that we have managed to reach the level we have reached today"

- Thomas Svenstrup

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