About us

Who are we?

Connexio is a Danish communications company originally established in 1975 under the name McPhone Telemarketing. The company's sister company, TMPO, provides telemarketing services in the form of fundraising, meeting booking and sales outreach activities. The inbound and outbound service activities were separated into separate brands in 2017 to ensure the necessary focus on each business leg, but legally the companies remain together.


Connexio - About us

The company employs 100+ full-time employees, primarily from our offices in Malaga, Spain. All employees are salaried employees on local collective agreements. In Denmark, our company in Silkeborg is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry, and employees are employed under the industry's collective agreement. From our offices in Spain and Denmark, you will meet our young employees, all of whom perform various tasks for our customers in their native language. Even in our offices in Spain, our culture is Scandinavian and our employees typically come from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. From time to time, depending on our customers' needs, we also recruit other European nationalities such as German, Dutch and Belgian, and with a location in sunny Spain, it's not difficult - fast - to find qualified workers.

IT knowledge


Our skilled agents have experience with a wide range of systems that our customers give us full or partial access to.

We have chosen IT Relation as our IT outsourcing partner. No one is an expert in everything, and we have chosen to be experts in customer service, so it is natural for us to outsource our IT security to those who are experts in it. IT Relation's latest updated certifications can be read here.

IT knowledge

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to connect our customers more strongly with their customers through value-creating conversations. We do this through quality assurance and structured employee training and by constantly testing new ways to create value.


Our mission at Connexio is to bring our customers and their customers closer together. We believe that human communication in service situations is an opportunity to improve relationships. No matter how bad an experience a customer has had before talking to us, our ambition is that they have a positive experience after meeting our service agents.

Our values

Our values are that we work hard, honest, open and focused. We always seek the most cost-effective solution and we have fun together while creating results.


We look forward to creating results with you too.