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Are you considering outsourcing your customer support?

We are happy to arrange a meeting without commitment, in which we'll demonstrate how you can benefit from our experience.

Outsourcing af kundeservice 24/7

24-hour service, all year round

Email, chat, telephone, social media

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German

Database with your customers wants and needs

...har helt klart højnet vores kundeservice

...definitely improved our customer support

"It has been a positive surprise, that we managed to reach the kind of level that we are at today".

Thomas Svenstrup


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Danguitar kundeservice rating på trustpilot

Good support creates happy customers at DanGuitar.

Glad kundeservice medarbejder

Always with a smile

The energetic culture of our Berlin office affects the experience your customers have when they speak with us. Simultaneously, we are the employee that works 24/7 with no days off.

We take care of your customers

You deserve your customers. We know how much work it takes to develop a  strong relationship and how important it is to maintain it. 

We consider every contact with your customers as an opportunity to enhance their loyalty and satisfaction. The quality of our service is ensured by our happy employees, structured work flows and the ongoing updates of our knowledge-database. 

All customer inquiries are registered in our database to improve the quality of our service over time, while you don't miss out on important customer feedback regarding your products or services.

Kundeservice 24/7

24-hour service, all year round

Døgnservice, 365 dage om året

Email, chat, telephone, social media

Email, chat, telefon, sociale medier

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German

Dansk, svensk, norsk, engelsk, tysk

Database with your customers needs and wants

Vi bygger en vidensdatabase om dine kunders behov og ønsker

"Our goal, is to give your customers a service better than expected, and to nurture them so well, that they keep coming back to you."

Bjarke Andersen

Bjarke Andersen, CEO Connexio

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