Technology must support

The best customer encounters happen when customers can choose how and when the dialog takes place. One of the main purposes of technology is to give the customer access to fulfill this need.


A simple example is the customer who goes online on Sunday night because their fridge is making noise and not cooling properly. The customer is in a hurry to solve the problem and will typically go online to find solutions. Here, they probably won't know what to do to solve their problem. Should they buy new, order a repairman? What should they buy? How do they get it installed?


The questions will be many. If the online customer on your website is presented with the opportunity to engage with a human - for example, in a chat or a pop-up question asking if they want to be called - it will be perceived as a huge help to the customer. The customer experience will increase and the likelihood of making a sale will be extremely high.


A good customer experience requires that the customer experiences consistency in their interactions with the company they are interacting with. The second main purpose of technology is to ensure this.


Typically, the customer's data and history will be registered in different systems: a CRM system, an omnichannel system, and in some cases additional systems such as delivery or inventory management systems. To deliver great customer service in the moment of dialog, the service agent needs access to this data.


Good customer service isn't free, and for the sake of the customer, the available financial framework should be used as efficiently as possible. The third main purpose of technology is to reduce resource consumption wherever possible, so that money can be spent where it provides the most value.


An example of this is the use of self-service solutions supported by digital knowledge databases. Simple inquiries do not necessarily require human interaction, but can be resolved more efficiently by the customer finding their own answers online.


At Connexio, technology is essential as a facilitator of the great customer experience and cost-effective solution. Together with our customers, we work to test opportunities and build solutions that bring our customers and their customers closer together.

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