Your customers contact you in all ways, but we find that most of them prefer the phone. Email is the second most common form, followed by chat and social media communication.

To provide your customers with the best customer serviceyou need to open up all the channels your customers demand and use.

Phone and chat require an immediate response, while email and social media social media can wait a little while before responding. We often see an understaffed customer service department pick up the phone but "forget" about other channels.

And back-log of unanswered emails is a huge waste of potential either in the form of unrecorded sales or customer service inquiries that need attention so you can maintain good customer dialog.

We treat all inquiries to your business via our customer service solution in the same way. We don't differentiate between channels - in fact, we see them as one, and we call this omnichannel communication. In concrete terms, this means that we meet your customers on one channel and perhaps continue the dialog on another. You probably already know this from your everyday life, where you communicate with your customers or friends via several different channels on a daily basis; phone, chat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, email or messages. Your customers also use this form of private communication when shopping and contacting customer service. customer service