Knowledge database

Knowledge database about your
customers' needs and wants

Let's be honest here. Many businesses are worried about outsource their customer servicebecause they fear they'll lose lose touch to their customers. Often you feel that customer service calls provide insight into how the business is doing. If there is something wrong with the products or distribution you'll know immediately when customers call in with complaints.


Many business owners see it as their lifeblood - and it is! That's why we create and maintain a knowledge database for all our customers. After every call, we make a note of what the conversation was about and give you access to this information so you can study the trends at your leisure. Of course, if something suddenly happens, we'll call you right away and let you know what's wrong so you can take action. We're all in this together to make sure customers have the best experience.

Data is updated in real-time so you're always live, and if you want a dashboard - that shows you what's happening all the time - we'll make one for you.

We recommend using the solution to enable self-service on your website for your customers based on our records of answers to the most frequently asked questions in customer service. This reduces the cost of handling simple questions and focuses your customer service budget on the most value-adding activities.

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