Insights and trends to
inspire your customer experience strategies in 2024

2024 is expected to be a pivotal year for brands to adapt, experiment and create close relationships with their customers. Customers demand more than just value - they want respect, transparency and simplicity in their experiences that are tailored and personalized.

As you reinvent great experiences for your mobile customers, consider what our experts, partners and customers have to say about the year ahead.

Customer service and AI

Customer Service and AI- Connexio- Customer Service Outsourcing- Outbound Customer Service

In the modern digital age, where customer service expectations are constantly rising, the AI has proven to be an invaluable resource for businesses looking to deliver an exceptional customer experience. AI has revolutionized customer service in several ways. One of the most notable is Chatbots, powered by AI algorithms. These virtual assistants are available 24/7 and [...].

Customer loyalty

Why a great customer experience is essential for customer loyalty and business growth?

An indispensable key to business growth and customer loyalty is a compelling customer experience. In a time when competition is intense and consumers are more demanding than ever before, it's no longer enough to simply deliver a product or service. [...]

Customer trust is

trustpilot-blog-connexio-outsourcing customer service

Trustpilot is a global platform that helps customers make informed purchasing decisions and businesses develop both products and experiences. A tool that is essential for customer service, which thrives on building trust. [...]

Why should you avoid
your customers?

why you should avoid your customers? customer service

Ticket deflection is all about helping your customers help themselves to get faster responses to their queries. Customers experience better service and your business spends fewer resources on customer service if done right. But it's a tricky balance.

Remember to thank your
customers when they leave you

In customer service, the focus is typically on serving new customers, but it can be very rewarding to prioritize those who are on their way out. Half of them would actually like to stay, if they get a little help

Create value with systematic knowledge about your customers

Customer service is an industry where artificial intelligence is increasingly gaining ground. New technologies come knocking, but like any other industry, a program is only as good as the input it receives. The most important thing is to keep track of what you know about your customers.

Sharing economy can free up resources for growth

The principles behind car sharing and private home rentals can be translated to the business world and strengthen companies' growth strategies. It's all about managing employees - our most scarce resource - optimally. 

Trends in customer service optimization

There is a pattern in the way companies can optimize their customer service - both externally to customers and internally to get the optimal balance between use of resources and impact of efforts.

Personalized service goes online

Companies that manage to incorporate good service and personalized service into their website will have an advantage over their competitors and a chance to succeed in the increasing global competition in e-commerce. The race, which COVID-19 has only intensified, is in full swing, and Danish companies have every opportunity to join in.     

Being close to customers is key

The key is to be close to your customer service outsourcing- scandinavia

Since decided to find a partner for their growing customer service needs, the parameters were flexibility, the possibility of customized solutions and a high degree of openness to customer needs. That's why Connexio was chosen.

Modern customer service - people or automation?

Modern customer service - people or automation? customer service outsourcing news

After attending two of the most important trade shows of the year, it's clear that the industry is facing a dilemma. Should you focus on automating your systems, or is the human factor still the most important factor? And where is the balance?

Crucial to adapt to the company's DNA

Crucial alignment with company DNA: Discover how this is the key to long-term success. blog- outsourcing customer service across Scandinavia

Customer service on behalf of others requires an understanding of the company whose customers you are interacting with on behalf of the company. And you need to be able to switch effortlessly between company cultures and different ways of meeting customers.

Full transparency, good preparation and letting go of the reins

Full transparency, good preparation and let go of the reins- outsourcing customer service- scandinavia- customer service blog-

The online supermarket Osuma's collaboration with Connexio has resulted in both savings and room for greater focus on the customer experience. Osuma CEO Carsten Pahlke talks about the pros and cons of outsourcing customer service and what's important to get the most out of the partnership.