Customer FAQ

Frequently asked questions by customers

When outsourcing customer service, you get a partner who helps you respond to your customers' inquiries quickly, efficiently and professionally. We build a mirror image of your IT setup and you typically forward calls and/or emails to our system. This way, your customers can't tell the difference between talking to you and our skilled employees.
Our agents are all generalists who handle simple questions that don't require extensive experience, and you can choose whether you want us to perform tasks that you already do in-house or completely different tasks that free up time for your existing employees.

We can handle inquiries in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. In addition, we have good opportunities to recruit other nationalities as needed, as we are located in sunny Malaga.

Danish customer service: Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00 and Saturday from 09.00 to 15.00.
Swedish and Norwegian customer service: Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 17.30 and Friday from 09.00 to 16.30.
In addition, we are typically open on Danish holidays that are not also Spanish holidays, and if our current opening hours do not match your needs, we can adjust our current setup at short notice.

We can offer help with phone, email and chat, which are the classic customer service channels. In addition, we also manage Instagram and Facebook for many of our customers, where we respond to posts and stories. In addition, we respond to reviews to ensure that your overall score increases or stays high on important media such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

When you partner with us, you pay to be free from a whole lot of planning and worry. You don't have to worry about vacations, scaling up and down staffing depending on volume, wasting time with your own employees if there's nothing to do, and short- and long-term sickness.
We provide professional agents who have received the necessary training, and it's our responsibility to deliver the metrics you want.

For many, it's anxiety-provoking to hand over customer contact to a completely unknown partner, but we're used to providing professional and pleasant customer service. There's another great benefit to using a professional partner.
We specialize in reporting KPIs and giving you insight into what your customers are asking for - and why. Based on this insight - and our broad experience from our other customers - we give you recommendations on how to best optimize your customer service and customer experience.

The price depends on volume, but generally you only pay for the time we spend talking to your customers. Contact us to find out more about which solution is best for you.

We use our own omnichannel platform for handling inquiries and access to customer systems. We have extensive experience working with systems such as Zendesk, DropBoy, WooCommerce, Office, FocalScope, Shopfiy, WordPress, Dandomain and many more.

Basically, we need access to your system and training on your product. It's rarely complicated or as time-consuming as many people think. Contact us for a non-binding project plan to get started.

Our agents are trained to represent different brands, and with the help of our professional functionality, we ensure that our agents handle your customers' queries correctly and professionally. In concrete terms, this means that we use a unique program to store the answers we need to give to your customers, and in this way we become more and more independent.

Even though Connexio is located in Malaga and therefore follows the Spanish collective agreement and pays Spanish wages and taxes, we are all Scandinavian with a Scandinavian mentality. Modern technology means that you can't tell the difference between Aalborg, Odense, Copenhagen or Malaga, and our agents are no less welcoming, professional and ambitious just because the sun is shining outside - on the contrary.